Using System Center Essentials 2010 with SQL 2008R2 databases.

For those of you using SCE2010, you may (or may not) have found that SQL 2008R2 doesn’t play nicely, particularly in the area of drill-trough parameters with software/hardware summary reports.

I’ve created a fix for this and have had other colleagues test this with 100% success.  Keep in mind this is ONLY for SQL 2008R2.
You’ll need to modify the software summary report to do this.

Edit the report in Report Builder 3.0

You need to edit the Textbox properties of textbox8, not the placeholder properties. You can identify the box because it has “[ApplicationName]” written in blue.

So right click on the textbox, go to Text Box Properties.

Select “Action” on the left, you should see “Go to report” and then the report name is your software inventory report.

Under “Use these parameters to run the report” you’ll see Name: ComputerTargetId and the value is an expression.

Click the fx button to open the expression.

Delete =Code.GetObjectList(“” + Code.CurrentObjectList + “”)

and put in =LookupSet(Fields!ApplicationName.Value + “,” + Fields!ApplicationVersion.Value,Fields!ApplicationName.Value + “,” + Fields!ApplicationVersion.Value,Fields!ComputerTargetId.Value, “SUSDB”)

Save the report back to your report server and try running a software summary report, then click on a software title and make sure it takes you to the inventory report.

Please post if this doesn’t make sense or it’s not working or you need help, etc.

Disclaimer: This is MY fix, not an official fix from Microsoft. It’s been tested and confirmed to work in different environments, but I’m not responsible if it doesn’t work in yours or somehow corrupts your install or DB. This fix is also assuming your databases are using the default names created/installed by System Center Essentials 2010.