I get questions about this all the time….”How do I deploy Adobe Reader using SCE2010″?

It’s quite easy actually.

What you’ll need:

An offline version of the installer from Adobe – all versions of installers are here

Adobe Customization Wizard for the version you’re trying to deploy (yes, they ARE different, so get the right one)  The latest customization wizard for Reader X is here.  If you’re deploying Reader 9, get the Customization Wizard for version 9.

You have to transform the MSI with the customization wizard.  This provides for options pertaining to default pdf viewer, silent installs, remove old versions, etc.  Once you get it the way you want, the program creates an MST file.  At the top or the customization wizard you’ll actually see transformed by “nameofyourmstfile”.  Great, save those files to your network share where all your other deployment files are.

Go into system center and create a new package, point to the msi file, usually Acroread.msi by default.  Once you get to the additional installation parameters page you’ll put in  ALLUSERS=True TRANSFORMS=\\server\share\yourmstfile.mst   Remember if your mst path name has spaces in it, you MUST enclose the whole path in quotes or it will stop at the first space you have in the path name.  Deploy to a test group and make changes to the mst file as necessary.