This is going to follow alot of the stuff already described in a previous post I made, I’m just going to update it with some tweaks for the latest version of Adobe Reader.  This assumes you have the Adobe Customization Wizard X installed.  If not, download it.  It’s version specific, so the Customization Wizard 9 will not work with this version.

First download Adobe Reader X from

Then extract the installation files from the exe.  The path indicates I put the downloaded exe file in c:.   The command is c:\adberdr1001_en_us.exe -nos_o”c:\readerx” -nos_ne  This runs the installer to extract the files but not actually install the program.  The files are now in c:\readerx.  Note: there is a space between .exe and -nos_o, but no space between -nos_o and “c:\readerx”, then another space between “c:\readerx” and -nos_ne.

Now that you have your files, open the msi in the customization wizard and go through the options to customize the installation the way you want.  Don’t panic that it claims the installer will remove old versions of reader and acrobat, it only removes old versions of reader and doesn’t touch acrobat, the way we want it.  Once you have the install the way you want, generate a transform from within the wizard and save it with all your other install files in c:\readerx

Copy this entire folder to a network share and go into SCE and create a new package. You’ll need to specify that you want files and folders, and not just the setup file, so the second option.  Select your readerx folder on the network share, then the acroread.msi file.

When it asks for installation parameters you’ll put in:  TRANSFORMS=”\\server\sharename\<yourmstfilename>.mst”  The installer is inherently silent and you specify this option in the customization wizard.  So /qn is not needed, in fact, it’ll error out if you put this in.  So if you want to try it before you deploy it, I’ll give you my command line so you can see what the whole thing looks like.  c:\windows\system32\msiexec.exe /i \\server\share\acroread.msi TRANSFORMS=”\\server\share\acroread.mst” /qn  – note this is the command line, DONT put this is sce and expect it to run.

There you have it!  The installer will remove old versions of Reader, leave Acrobat alone, install Reader X, and you’ll sleep a little better!  There are more advanced options for configuring update behavior, icon management, and locking down certain security options, but that’s a case-by-case basis and I won’t post that here, it you want to do this, let me know, I’ll help you as best I can.